Any Reaction is a Good Reaction

I wanted to address the reactions to yesterday’s Sunday Evening Art Gallery, Bruno Pontiroli. Bruno is a surrealist, and his paintings are creative in an uncomfortable way.

Those of you who responded that they made you uncomfortable; that you didn’t really care for the vibes the images gave you — Thank you. I can’t tell you how good feedback feels.

That is the purpose of Art. 

I don’t remember how I found Bruno, but I’ve had him in my gallery repertoire for some time. His paintings are clear and expressive. But the images themselves made me take a step back and wonder. Should I? Or shouldn’t I?

I honestly enjoy all the artists I highlight. In that same vein, I’m not always comfortable with their art.

Look at Zdzisław Beksiński. or Anton Semenov.  H.R. Giger. Even some of Salvador Dali‘s work is mind bending. Who knows what their motivation was.. Haunting visions of reality.

Some art is really hard to look at. To understand. Hard to like.

I am proud of those of you who had adverse reactions to yesterday’s art and said so. You said nothing derogatory about the artist — just the form the artist took.

Keep your minds open.

Its good for you, it’s good for the world of art. If a certain style or piece of art stirs something inside of you — good OR bad — then the artist has achieved what they’ve worked a life time to achieve.

A Reaction.




9 thoughts on “Any Reaction is a Good Reaction

  1. I have found that there are so many different “kinds” of pop art, or modern art, as well. The borders cross each other all the time. Hopefully the artist’s biography points us in the right direction. I myself love surrealism. But most of the things I write are surrealistic, too. It could be close to fantasy — which is surreal, too. I loved H. Bosch too. Where do these minds come from??

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  2. No no no! Not shallow at all! Everyone sees things differently. This particular artist had a lot more bodies wrapped around bodies in weird forms that I didn’t use. I always thought of this artist as “different.” My favorite out of control artists are ones like Zdzisław Beksiński. Thank you for pointing out a different take on his art. I love it. Love YOU!

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  3. How interesting. I went back and looked at the comments. Quite frankly when I first looked at these pictures I thought they were vapid and without any meaning at all. The artist is a good draftsman and if there is any deeper meaning I don’t get it. Perhaps I am shallow…


  4. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    I remember trying to make a report on Pop Art back in the 60’s. People were asking “Is it even Art?” Well, yes, a personal expression of one’s perception of cultural images in America… Surrealism challenges our perceptions of what things should look like… people’s reactions indicate how willing or not they are to suspend their version of reality and to peer into someone else’s even if it appears somewhat irrational. This kind of art has been around for centuries… remember H. Bosch and his imaginative renderings of what Hades looks like…


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