Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Charles Vickery


Charles Vickery (1913-1998) was an American painter born in Hinsdale, Illinois.

He is best known for his naturalistic depictions of historic ships in the open ocean and crashing waves in all types of weather and times of day.Vickery studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Fine Arts.Recognized as the “finest seascape artist of our time” by the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, Vickery was known for his dramatic paintings of the sea.Vickery brought a new meaning to the term “marine art” as he submerged himself in the study of the constant interplay of nature — the sun, sky, wind and water all working together.He deeply loved the ocean, saying, “All the colors of water come from the sky because every color of the sky is reflected in that water. And the sky has all the colors of the rainbow in it.”

In his lifetime, Vickery saw his works grace the walls of galleries, embassies and private residences.

More of Charles Vickery‘s masterpieces can be found at



4 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Charles Vickery

  1. I think to visit a real ship like these would be the ultimate thrill. They are so big, so magnificent — you are so lucky you got to see one. I hear there are some on the U.S. East Coast — maybe a vacation there someday.

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  2. The paintings are Magnificent… and those old sailors and their ships, were truly unbelievable….
    I went and visited the Endeavour replica, when berthed at Geelong…. wow… to think Captain Cook sailed around the world, and discover Australia(1770), in such a small sailing ship, is incredible……


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