Keep Your Glitter!

How are you all doing this fine stay-at-home day? 

One thing I am discovering on my quarantine vacation is that now that I have the time to finally do all of the things I’ve wanted to do in 40 years I don’t feel like doing anything.

That includes TV marathons, long walks in the woods, cleaning and rearranging closets and drawers and rooms (for the 4th time), writing, crafting — even eating.

That’s not right.

I feel so blasé about everything. Except my stress. 

THAT I can’t seem to control. 

Between my brother-in-law in ICU for C-19 and the article I just read about rehab after ICU and my cat in the midst of dying and driving 200 miles round trip to clean twice a week, I’d say there’s just a little to be stressed about.

I’m sure your caseload is just as stressful. If not more so.

It seems to cluster and peak when you can least do anything about it. 

I guess it’s called going through $hit. We all have to do it, deal with it, move through it and past it. Standing still, running backwards, or beating your head against the proverbial wall does not make it go away. 

So you still have to go through it. 

You HAVE to find ways to go through it.

After writing this piece, I’m going downstairs and sponge painting my bedroom that I’m turning into a library. I will be making a forward motion in my stand-still world. I can take my time, pretend I’m Picasso, and leave the stress behind for an hour or two.

You have to do that, too.

Even though your energy level may have changed in this lock-down phase of life, you can’t let blasé-ism get you down.

Even if you have to listen to Benny Goodman or Ozzie or Justin Bieber, you’ve got to find your beat and jiggle it. Wiggle it. Paint it or dig-in-the-garden it or calligraphy it. 

You won’t be living under the blanket of C-19 forever.

But you will be living with yourself.

You’ve got to vent it somehow. Scream it or whine it or cry it or babble it. It doesn’t matter how you get it out — just GET IT OUT.

Make your  going through $hit colorful and sparkly. Like a rainbow or glitter or fluorescent painting. Make your statement loud and clear. Work it out! Get through it! We’re all in this together. And we’ll all get through this together.

Even if we all don’t like glitter.


14 thoughts on “Keep Your Glitter!

  1. Can you believe — I never thought of that! What? That is a great idea! I do have one wall that would reflect the glitter perfectly from the light from the window. It will be another week or so, but I will post pics!


  2. Oh yes, please post pics when you’re done! And how about tossing a bit of glitter onto that wall you’re painting? I did that once and it made me smile every time I walked into that room. We all need a little glitter in our lives right now. Thank you for being some of that glitter today. Stay courageous!


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your brother in law. I hope his recovery progresses well. Despite your stress, your blog today is energetic and up-beat. Thank you.


  4. Isn’t it the truth? All I feel like I’m doing is complaining. Which I have a right to. That how can I be happy and carefree when everything is falling apart around me? Gkuilt is the Great Demoralizer. But I won’t let it win.


  5. Haha …I’ll scream before I listen to Justin Bieber…here’s a lovely song by ‘Cibelle’, originally by Tom Waits….my piece of glimmer this morning…


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