Sunday Evening Art Gallery on Friday — Tresor Mukonkole

The goal of Tresor Mukonkole’s artistic vision is to illustrate certain complexities, including his artistic point of view, of the world.Mukonkole comes from the Congo, an unstable country on all fronts,  underground rich in minerals, yet full of numerous conflicts between different political and economic factors.From the soil of the Congo, his homeland, his work as an artist is about the analysis of the presence of man on earth, and his impact on everything, especially the environment and the future of nature.Mukonkole says he produces a narrative from his paintings with butterflies in order to express himself on the beauty and the fragility embodied by nature and the earth.His artistic work aims to illustrate his perspective as an artist on the threats to our environment by presenting a glimmer of positivity to replace the darkness.Despite the complexities of his world and his artistic calling, his butterfly paintings are bright and full of life and hope.

More of Tresor Mukonkole‘s beautiful work can be found at



11 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery on Friday — Tresor Mukonkole

  1. I love butterflies, they are colourfull and free, and the way this person used them gave his work an extra dimension and a pleasure to look at. For me it is important that a work of art is pleasant to look at and gives you a good feeling.


  2. As an student of the world of art, there is so much I need to learn. Modern art is so much more selective because their visions are all over the place. I love your art because it is busy, textured, and colorful. Your art does not need a third party to interpret it. The art on this site does not resonate with me, perhaps because I don’t have the insight to appreciate it. Does that make sense?


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