Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Vesna Krasnec

Vesna Krasnec is a self-taught artist living in Vienna.

Each of her pictures is a window to a world of relationships: between man and animal, between man and plant, between mother earth and her children.

The viewer finds a world in which man, as a seeker, has found his destination in the Garden of Eden. In this garden we rediscover our lost innocence.Through her distinctive talent for drawing and her strong compositions, Krasnec is able to convey her image idea with conviction and in a forceful way to the people. She keeps away from today’s common attitudes to want to be modern in the art scene, knowing that all contemporary and current are short lived.

She believes that it is only important that her work retains the authenticity which is the characteristic of an art that originated in the middle of the person.More of Vesna Krasnec‘s work can be found at

6 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Vesna Krasnec

  1. I’m glad you felt that. I just felt there was something different and earthy about her work…it’s modern, but not really. I would hang her artwork in my home!

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  2. I am amazed you are so busy…amazed and jealous! I am excited for you on all fronts! I hope some of your writing enthusiasm rubs off on me! Vesna’s work just felt different…different and basic and very earthy. I’m so glad you liked it.


  3. Oh, I nearly missed this one Claudia….. yes I’m busy preparing for my trip, I’m writing lots of poems, and I’m trying to do a few submissions, and I’m preparing for and open mike poetry recital night on Thursday….. Back to the arkwork of Vesna Krasnec, … her work is captivating and gorgeous, they are genuinely different and visually colourful and creative….


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