Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Francis Meslet

French photographer Francis Meslet roams the world searching for abandoned places and striking architectural structures.Like time capsules, testifying to a parallel world and perfect for enabling the mind to wander and ponder, Meslet’s melancholic images brave the passage of time, making way for silence after the memories often left behind by human habitation.In these deserted places, no more than the rustling of the wind can be heard through a broken window or the sound of water dripping from a dilapidated ceiling.These silences nonetheless invite the spectator to slip into these well-guarded and mysterious places captured by the photographer and attempt to bring to life that which has been forgotten.

Meslet’s worlds are the reflection of perfection forgotten.

More of  Francis Meslet ‘s amazing photography can be found at 

15 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Francis Meslet

  1. I am happy you enjoy them. I look at the glamour all around that once was, and wonder what that world was like in its prime. There is a story there, I think. Something melancholy and alive and time travelly….

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  2. Those are amazing. They seem like parallel worlds you could just step into. I have purchased a picture from a guy who photographs inside abandoned buildings in the American West, but those are very simple structures, not the same thing at all!

    I would love to see these buildings myself, but I probably never will, because I am too much of a rule-follower to trespass. And then, if I did manage to make myself sneak inside, I would take some pictures, but then I would have to straighten the chairs, sweep up the rubble, etc. 🙂


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