Sunday Evening Art Gallery on Friday — Jamie Winn

Jamie Winn is the owner and operator of Ghost Light Gallery, specializing in paintings and amazing woodworks.

Drawing Down the Moon. Hand cranks makes bird fly.


Winn’s  automated sculptures are both eerie and humorous, often reanimating deceased creatures and depicting nighttime animals.

A Traveling Flame. Hand crank makes candle flicker.


Often using watercolor on wood and custom lighting, there’s also a vintage quality to much of the New Orleans artist’s work. 

The Second Stag. Middle antler lights up.



There is always a moving part to Winn’s creations — something that always catches the eye.

Baba Yaga’s House. Turn middle crank and house’s legs dance.


Her works are unique, whimsical, and sometimes a touch eerie. 

Home. House lights up.


Which is how she likes it.

Scardy Cat. Turn the crank and the mice move.


More of Jamie Winn‘s magical works can be found at her website,

Still Here.Crank makes skeleton ring the bell.



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