Bloggers Are A Unique Breed

I think that a lot of the time bloggers spill their secrets to their followers so they can get whatever it is out of their system. You can’t see the facial responses or audio cues through this two dimensional world…no one can really judge you face-to-face, so why not tell your tales of woe?

I know I do a lot of that. I used to be a lot worse when I kept a journal. I’m older and less a drama queen, so the tits and tats I share on my blog won’t rock the Rockies.

I do a lot of counseling to myself every morning on my drive to work.  Every morning I say “starting today…” or “from now on…” Early morning I’m full of piss and vinegar. The world is mine, I can do one of a hundred things that I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten around to doing.

But often by my evening ride all I can think of is writing and laundry and picking out clothes for tomorrow. So my blog seems to be a perfect outlet for my stumbling tumblings.

We bloggers have to be careful, though, about how much we whine and emote through our writing. Readers can take adversity only in small doses. Considering the average attention span of blog readers is three paragraphs,  us bloggers have to use a lot of discretion in what we share, how we share it, and if there is a solution to our problems.

To me there is an energy when someone reads something and says “Yeah! me too!” I’m not really looking for understanding as much as camaraderie. My mess ups are your mess ups. Your misunderstandings are my misunderstandings.

I also think that life is too short to beat yourself up for your mistakes. You are you, after all, and there are quirks to all of us. I manage to laugh at my goof ups…that is, after I feel embarrassed and remorseful. I figure if I chuckle and learn something from my misconceptions, you can identify more with your own similar guffaws.

We all have our reasons for blogging. I follow all sorts of blogs…poets, painters, writers over 60, writers under 60. I learn about living with a chronic illness, being homeless, and life without one’s partner. I watch the steps it takes to create a painting, write a novel, or grow a garden.

But I also know my role in the blogging world is to give my readers a wry smile now and then. When I say I’m a semi-colon queen they know what I mean. When I write how awkward it is to climb up into my husband’s old pickup truck they know what I mean. And when I say I’m obsessed by my grandkids they definitely know what I mean.

So don’t be afraid to share your quirks, your puzzlements, your amazements, and your foibles. Don’t be afraid to whine, wonder, or wish. We are all human. We all have to get things off our chest. You will find what you’re looking for in your followers. A little tea, a little sympathy….

…an the realization that you use too many damn semi-colons…



16 thoughts on “Bloggers Are A Unique Breed

  1. You do too many? As if life is one dramatic pause after another? I used to pepper my works with ellipses too…I can safely say I’ve cut back. Too much waiting for the next sentence to start…

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  2. You are the best! I like semi-colons too, but when i was editing/rereading my novel every other sentence was a ; … and really should have been two different sentences. I already have an odd way of writing…I do a lot of short sentences. In a row. Without all the fancies. I know that’s not proper form, but it’s the way I write. But too many semi’s…that’s too odd!

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  3. Bloggers blog for a million reasons. They follow other bloggers’ blogs for a million and one. One reason I follow yours is your fantasy world fascinates me. Another reason, I love your sense of humor. I need that wry smile periodically as much as the next guy; and I like semi-colons, too.


  4. That’s why I love following you! I learn so much from your gardening expertise along with your great photography. No dark spots for you!


  5. Well, at least I hope I can sheer someone up with the picture of a beautiful flower !I know some of you cheer me up with a beautiful picture or a funny one or with what they write…


  6. Yes, They are learning for sure – But that is a different matter that they stop by and comment.. You do play an amazing role in this blogging world ❤


  7. Thank you. I know we all have our reasons for blogging…I learn from everyone else. I just hope that sometimes readers learn something from me.


  8. This was a perfect post 🔥… Helpful for us bloggers .. I too believe we need to share the downs – to create an UP ❤


  9. A lovely article Claudia, and I could really associate with all that you were saying, and especially this piece, which said it all for me.
    “To me there is an energy when someone reads something and says “Yeah! me too!” I’m not really looking for understanding as much as camaraderie. My mess ups are your mess ups. Your misunderstandings are my misunderstandings.”

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