June is for Writing

I am so glad to see that others who write have their unconscious hangups! Thank you all who answered my query.

I used to be a “like” person…as in “her thoughts were like oatmeal..” I got over that only to adopt “as if”, like “It was as if he had lived before.” Good lord. I had to find and replace just to find all the repeated lame phrases I wrote.

Same with semi-colons. I dread finding other hangups.

Wonder if you’re in the same boat? Make a list of common mistakes and see if you made any of them. It’s hard, I know. Too many adjectives? Too much movement? Too many repetitions of the same word? Too many !’s and ; and …?

That’s what’s great about  writing. You get an idea…it doesn’t even have to be a full idea. It can be someone who struck you as unusual, a spot on your walking or driving route, a dream you had…anything can spark a story. I jut watched an old Twilight Zone the other night and enjoyed the storyline so much I might give a short story a try based on it.

Don’t worry if you’re stealing someone else’s idea, a TV show or book premise, or poem. You are not stealing anything unless you rewrite it word for word. Idea for idea. But let outside influences influence you. Try a poem based on characters in a play or movie. Try a short story about what happens AFTER the TV show is over.

Your mind is unique — and so are you. Your life’s stories, ups and downs, and encounters are all you need to get that pen writing (or computer keys clicking).

I want to encourage all of you who want to write to write. If you don’t want someone to read it, write in a journal. If you want input, ask someone. Easy to say, harder to do. But if you’ve got that writing bug inside of you (makes me think of the Mummy and all those beetles inside that guy), let it come out. Don’t be afraid to try. You can only get better with practice.

You see…I’m still practicing. And using Crissouli’s downfall…ellipses…

16 thoughts on “June is for Writing

  1. That may be true, but aren’t we all bonkers? A journal gets the mess out of your head and brings it into this dimension. It’s a dumping ground for all emotional thoughts, bad or good. Once you have a handle on it you can either keep it or toss it. It has done what you needed. Listened.❤


  2. I think the biggest problem is that some one might read it one day and think I am totally bonkers ??


  3. Why are you afraid? Afraid someone might read it? I was that way when I wrote in my journals. I destroyed the first two but kept the second two. Those were more cleaning of the soul, so to speak. I now write my writing inspirations on whatever I find (my muse just hit me the end of the day Friday and I wrote on a small pad of paper!). I swear by journals, though, if you want to clean out your head. Or if you want to work out ideas for poems or stories. Maybe a sentence or two a day to start.


  4. My novel is kinda romance kinda fiction. It’s about this woman who up and leaves her husband one day. She moves three hours away and doesn’t tell anyone she is leaving. Of course she finds love in the end but only after she finds herself.


  5. Oh I hope you find your novel! That’s a lot of sweat and angst in your original. If not, don’t feel bad about rewriting it. You may find your route a different one . May I ask…what is your novel about? Love to hear new ideas and dreams.


  6. I’m off to read your writings. I love to hear the sound of other writer’s hearts. What inspires them, what makes them tick. I love your memories and rhymes. It’s who you are.

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  7. Thanks for reminding me that June is writing month. Working on finding my novel after moving. Found part of it. That’s what I’m going to work this month.


  8. I understand…but how do you know when you’ve really hit it? Every time I reread my writings I think that they couldn’t be better. Maybe I’m fooling myself. But at some point you have to say this is perfect. For me. For now. Your poetry is always perfect!

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  9. Ah, another Aussie blogger you like ….And yes Claudia, every new poem I write, is just a practice for the next one, to see if I can do betterer at writing gooderer words. xx

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