Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Graham Muir

Precariously resting atop a pedestal, these wave-like glass vessels by Scottish artist Graham Muir seem to defy gravity as if frozen in a moment before crashing into the ocean.

Using techniques perfected over the last decade, Muir achieves delicate shapes that seem almost chiseled or fractured, but are in fact accomplished when working while the glass is still hot.

According to Muir, “I find glass to be a material that does not respond well to being dominated by the artist.”

“For me the concept of the work is just the starting point for a conversation between the artist’s idea and the material.”

“The artist flags up the idea, the medium responds and the discussion begins.” 

“However the material must not dominate proceedings either and hot glass, as most who work in it know, can be very persuasive in having its own way.”

More of Graham Muir’s amazing glasswork can be found at

22 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Graham Muir

      1. Thank you. And I started reading your stories about Ireland…do you live there? I can’t wait to go back and read the rest. I wish I could visit…I really do…My mother’s side is Irish, and I’ve adopted that way of thinking. And thank you again for the referral!

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          1. I love it. I live in Wisconsin, USA, and I elect to let my mother’s Irish blood flow through my veins. Of course, I’m half Polish, so there’s not a polka that I can’t dance to, but I’ve yet to master the Irish Jig.

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  1. As an ex-industrial Chemist and doing a Chemistry Diploma, I thoroughly appreciated working with glass. I did a glass blowing course as part of my Diploma, ouchie very hot glass, !! These works are quite intricate and fascinating. Thank you Claudia.


    1. How cool! Did you keep any of your class creations? I watch glassblowers at the Renaissance Faire and they are amazing…and that is just small work. See…you DO multitask!


        1. I figured as much. I only asked because I was into painting right out of high school and I painted some psychedelic paintings…including a three piece scenery piece (Kinda like Avatar) and they’re still sitting in my downstairs someplace.


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