What Have You Been Up To?

Well, my friends, happy Monday Evening.

It has been a busy week…highs and lows. I’m sure the same for you. Today’s blog will be one of catching up  (like you are interested in my ups and downs). But really I think you can identify with a few of either direction.

I had my review at work…I am now not a ‘digital’ writer but a writer. Which is so fantastic because for the first time in my 65 years when someone asks me what I do for a living I can say I AM A WRITER!! I mean I can put that title on my BUSINESS CARD (if I had one for work) and stuff! 

My starting a writer’s group is a sleepy time failure. I mean, I don’t feel too bad about it…it has only been three weeks…but somehow I had the airy thought that there were lots of writers out there looking for camaraderie and guidance. But I haven’t heard from one person. Think I airyed the wrong direction. I’m not giving up…Ah  well…try again later.

I am behind in reading my reader…I’ve popped in and out but I’ve been busy working and bribing my way over to see my grandkids. No excuse for skipping over some really good blogs, though. But I see help in the distance….I am going away Up North at the end of the week. No TV,  DVDs only (and that’s only at night), polkas on the radio, half of block to the water, sitting on the deck with a pina colada…and five free days to read blogs and write.

So tell me. Are you writing? Editing? Taking pictures? Making jewelry? Working on a quilt? Any vacation plans?  I’d love to hear how spring is treating you. I love reading your responses and talking back to your talking.

Let’s do this!

16 thoughts on “What Have You Been Up To?

  1. I’m now awaiting my female Mandarin’s day of setting her eggs. That will be the countdown to new babies May has been difficult with the loss of all my ducks except this little mother. She’s the oldest of the 7 I had. I raise Mandarins and Wood ducks but a predator tried to destroy us. Jackie was lonely for a few weeks until I was able to order a male for her from North Carolina. I had given up and sent Jackie out of her aviary to live out on the lake and she did for 4 or 5 days, but the day I decided I was going to tear the aviary down, she showed back up (I had left food and the door open). I guess she decided I should not give up. So I didn’t give up. I rebuilt the habitat to be much safer, put traps out, and began again. I can’t wait now for the new ones.


    1. I think that is such an interesting and enjoyable thing to do. It takes a lot of time and commitment, but the outcome is worth it. We used to raise a few chickens and turkeys just for our enjoyment, until one day a coyote made his way into our pen. That was our last time for feathered friends.

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      1. I used to raise chickens, too. I raised domestic ducks as well. But 2 years ago I downsized and adopted out all but my wild ducks because I had to have a shoulder replacement. I’ve always been very intrigued with my wild ducks.


  2. Ok Claudia, I do have a bit of news. We will be moving sometime in July. The new house is about 7 miles west of Janesville out in the country. Lots of woods and fields and who knows, maybe a dirt road heading out into a corn field with a man motioning me to follow. And, I will have a room dedicated for writing so no excuses. And I do have a head full of ideas.
    Congratulations on the new title. You ARE a writer and a good one. And PS, I still would like a printed copy of your last book if a available. Smiles


    1. I am sooooo happy to hear that! Being in the country brings out the fresh writer in you. You will love it. As far as my book goes, I’ve given up on sending it to publishers…I am going to print it out and put it in a cute little binder and call it a day. You’ve read my first — I’m editing my second, and will send you that one when I’m finished. Get writing YOUR book! I KNOW you’ve got a couple in you!! Miss you!!


  3. Hey there! O know exactly what you’re talking about. Sometimes it’s hard to catch up on all the reading. At the moment I am too writing a lot and also planning an exhibition. And right this moment I’m sitting getting a tattoo done 😅


    1. Ohhhh…a tattoo? Love it! I only have three…I know people who have them all up their arms or on their legs. I’m pretty conservative..one atop my left breast, one on my left shoulder, and one on my right ankle. What kind of tattoo?? And an exhibition? You are way too busy and fun! What is the exhibition about? So many questions…ha…


    1. Ohhhh…just got back from France. How I wish I could say that. I want to travel through France and Ireland so bad..but money and time are not on my side. And editing…perfect. I need to get over and buy one of your books…THAT I have money for! I read the reviews and the kudos on your blog and I know I’m missing something fun. Maybe it can be my summer reading material!


  4. Hi Claudia, I’m sitting here, in my small but comfortable writing haven, dark rain clouds are rolling in over Corio Bay, and It’s becoming gloomily grey. I’m enjoying my poem writing at the moment, words seem to be flowing freely, and my themes and subject matter seem to be more varied. I’m having fun at both my writers group and my poetry group. I don’t seem to be doing much plumbing, I’ve been a bit down lately, and my anxiety problems have resurfaced, I’ll be ok, I’m back seeing my Psychologist, from 5 years ago, and she’s good for me. A lot of my thoughts and feelings are always sprinkled throughout my poems, so I take them into her, and we go from there, and she truly understands that my words come directly from my heart, and we talk about all those inner feelings that sometimes get the better of me. …. I like your new title, Claudia: Writer, I shall have to bow in your presence now, xx


    1. Ha…only if I can bow back! I love that you’re writing. I haven’t written anything personal new for a while…but I’ve been editing my two novels that I’m going to print out and give to friends. Plus I write at least 5 blogs a week for work…(I don’t have anything else to do at the moment). I’m getting ready to go four hours north to the little house my late father-in-law lived in..we call it the cabin. I was going to do a LOT of writing and editing for 5 days, but I just found out my grandkids (and kids) are coming up. So I will just fill up my heart a different way! And write a story soon — I’d love to read your fiction!


      1. I’m on my phone now, it’s only 5.40am. Too early for me to get out of my warm bed. I’ll email you my latest booklet of poems as a PDF manuscript. When I get on my computer.


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