Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Topiary

11 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Topiary

  1. I’m not much of a green-thumb, but I like gardening, and these tree/bush sculptures are incredible, and totally stupendous, a definite green thumbs dreamworld !!


    1. I think its amazing that they can train shrubbery to grow in such different shapes. Even though I’m sure some things are forced to grow up and through, it still is beautiful. Thanks so much for commenting!


  2. wow !!! over here many people have a big problem with the buxus moth, their larvae can ruin a whole shrub in one night !!! it would be a disaster for a garden like this one !


    1. Do they really? I am sorry to hear this. We have gypsy moths and Emerald ash borers have taken out many of our elms and ash trees. Beauty in scarcity, it seems.


      1. There are lots of tree’s attacked by insects or fungi but the buxus moth is a disaster for people who have lots of buxus. I think it is cos of the odd weather, we keep getting insects and diseases we didn’t have in the past.


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