Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog – Kevin Zuckerman

Kevin Zuckerman was born in St. Louis and grew up in Japan, Thailand, and Greece.

Following his art study in the U.S., Kevin lived and painted in Spain and Switzerland, travelling throughout Europe, studying the great Masters.

Kevin is a multi faceted artist, having mastered many mediums, from oil painting (his primary medium) to sculpture in bronze, pastel and watercolor.

He has also worked in many styles along his journey as an artist, from classical to total abstraction to the place he has now arrived.

Utilizing and integrating all the various techniques and ideas he has collected and invented along the way, Kevin brings something fresh and unique to the art world.

More of Kevin Zuckerman’s colorful and creative art can be found at



6 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog – Kevin Zuckerman

  1. Hey Claudia! Your blog is slowing turning out to be one of the highlights of my weekend. As an art lover, I really enjoy browsing through works by all types of artists. Thanks a ton for sharing all these brilliant artists and their work. I’ve recommended your blog to my family too. So you should be getting a visit from them soon 😀


    1. You make me feel great! I am fascinated by all the unique art I have come across since I started this blog. I never knew there was such a diverse group of artists in the world. I already have a backlog of artists I’ve found…I can’t wait to share them with you!

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      1. And I can’t wait to see them 😊. Here are a few more artist suggestions from my side – Abanindranath Tagore & Gaganendranath Tagore (who are the celebrated Rabindranath Tagore’s brothers). Their work has been seminal to the development of Indian art.

        I’ll ping you a few more once I compile a list.


        1. I have copied your suggestion down on my artist’s list, and I can’t wait to research them. I so appreciate people like you that take me to artists in worlds I have yet to find.

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    1. You are magic! You know — I look at these unique pieces of art, and sometimes I say Oh, I could do that, but could I? Not these intricate pieces, that’s for sure. Maybe the red circle on a white background…

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