Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Hotels

Once Upon A Time

Hotel Unique (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

 I came across an image


of an odd-shaped hotel. And I wondered…

Sun Cruise Hotel, South Korea

Could there be more?

Burj al Arab

The more I wandered, the more I found

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Oddities beyond compare

tianzai hotel

And I wondered still


Are these hotels?


Imagination truly has run amok

And if you can dream it, and can afford it


You can Build It

8 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery Blog — Hotels

  1. I think that is soooo neat! I find a lot of the odd hotels are in the East..China, Turkey. Ive seen pics in caves and in mountains and out in the tundra.


  2. I stayed in a hotel where my room was in a cave in Cappaadoccia, Turkey. It was a lovely cool retreat at the end of a hot day of sightseeing. Perhaps not glamorous like those in your gallery, but memorable nevertheless


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