Where/How Do You Write?

catwritingIt’s Friday Night, and I have a question for the writers in the group.

I mean all writers:  fun writers, journal writers, heavy-duty novel writers, joke writers, grocery list writers. Even those of you who are just thinking about writing.

I am beginning to think that what my mind thinks is a writing atmosphere and what my body thinks is writing atmosphere are two different things.

I love writing…I wish I had hours and hours to devote to the whole creative thing. For now, my alone time is limited. So here I am, Friday night, editing one of my short novels. But I’m also surrounded by take-home Chinese, glass of ice water, two TV flippers, incense burning, phone, flash drive and computer next to me, cat above my head, and and some 3 star horor flick in the background.

How serious can this be?

I would like to know how you get your writing done. Do you have a routine? A place? An atmosphere? Does it change with the waxing and waning moon? How long do you sit and write? Do you work on the same piece during your alloted creative time? Do you write at work?

Maybe its my A.D.D., maybe its just my personality. It’s like I can’t be happy unless I’m multitasking. Unless it’s a serious movie that my son says I have to pay attention to, I’m writing while I’m listening to TV or music and doing laundry and stopping to yell at my dogs for pulling the stuffing out of some toy and spreading it around the living room.

Oh, I have been known to sit and write straight for hours…especially during the intense scenes of my work. But to look at this atmosphere, to watch me through the window from the outside, it all looks so…disorganized. Scattered. Inefficient.

But I swear I love writing, even if it’s a short story, a blog, a poem, or an article. So what if there’s a scary movie on in the background? Stimuli for future stories. Get up for a dish of ice cream? Why not? Creativity loves sugar!  Side tracked by research way deep sideways on the Web? Stories abound where you least expect them.

That’s my story…and I’m sticking to it.

But please…let me know what your writing life is like. Let me know if I’m the odd one, or if you are out in left field nearby. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you get your writing done. As long as we continue on the journey, our methods work.

And don’t they say it’s not the destination, but the journey, that counts?




6 thoughts on “Where/How Do You Write?

  1. I love that routine! I agree about poetry..its a soft morning thing most of the time for me too. Blogs I squeeze in where I can…my Muse is very demanding and I have learned to write (or at least take notes) when she has an idea. I have a half dozen bigger works that Im editing for the 100th time and those take a stronger concentration space, so its usually just music in the background.

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  2. I write my poetry in the morning, while still in bed, before my mind gets boggled with emails and Facebook and stuff! They are handwritten in a journal and I type them up on the laptop later that day.

    My blog posts I write in between things, so are a bit more chaotic, and if I am writing an article I usually just hone in on that task alone…of course all of that occurs on my laptop with a million opened tabs behind…lol!


  3. I think you have it right, Carol. Not that there’s a right or wrong, but I do sense more a sense of control over your work when your area is under control too. When I’m writing something long, I, too, turn off everything except music, and although I sit on the sofa with my laptop, I’m not as disorganized as I was the other night. When I’m feeling flighty, I work on small pieces: blogs, journal-type entries, things like that. I love the idea of writing early in the morning, too. That’s when I’m most awake — and creative.

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  4. Hi Claudia,

    I think the important thing about writing is to do it, no matter how you choose to do it. When I write I like to be drinking herbal tea. Rarely do I have music on, except if in my writing one of my characters is listening to a piece of music and so i’ll play that piece. Sometimes I’ll play a concentration CD. I always, always write at my desk. Except taking a few notes by my bed (but that tends to happen rarely). Chocolate also seems to help for some reason. I write early morning. Take the afternoon off and go back late afternoon to my writing. That’s my routine. 🙂


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