Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Michael Massaia


Michael Massaia’s photography evokes unusual, yet sentimental, emotions.

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny

To create his images, collected together under the series title “Transmogrify,” Massaia spent some time experimenting with the aesthetic possibilities of melted ice cream.

dora the explorer

Dora the Explorer

His long-exposure images capture a subject matter familiar to most — he frames the frozen treats most people’s summer memories are made of.

no name

According to Katherine Brooks (, he distorts the childhood favorites by melting them before his lens, until the pops resemble ominous pools of paint or celestial snapshots.

Powerpuff GIrls

Powerpuff Girls

Ice cream? Or something more … surrealistic?



A great article on Michael’s art can be found at  by Katherine Brooks.

More of Michael Massaia’s creative photography can be found at And, of course, a more extensive collection of MIC (Melted Ice Cream) can be found at www.sundayeveningartgallery .



2 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Michael Massaia

  1. I agree. Bizarre. But fascinating. Sometimes I come across art that is familiar, yet so far different from what I’m used to. I wonder if others would be interested in that side of creativity. But the time, the mind behind the art — I couldn’t resist.

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