Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan might not be a familiar name to many of us, but once you see his work you will never forget it.

henry viii

Willard Wigan is an English Sculptor from Ashmore Park Estate, England. His sculptures are typically placed in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin. His sculptures are so minute they are only visible through a microscope.


 On average, it takes Wigan about eight weeks to complete one sculpture in a process that is physically challenging. Because the works are microscopic, the sculptor has learned to control his nervous system and breathing to ensure he does not make even the tiniest movement.

When working, Wigan enters a meditative state in which his heartbeat is slowed, allowing him to reduce any hand tremors and work between heartbeats.


To carve his figures, Wigan uses surgical blades or hand-made tools, (some of which are custom made out of a sharpened microscopic sliver of tungsten), which he makes by attaching a shard of diamond to a pin.


Wigan uses a range of materials, including nylon, grains of sand, dust fibers, gold, and spider’s cobwebs.

willard 6

My mind cannot wrap around an artist who can control and create like this. A true direct connection between Wigan and the Divine is the only explanation I can muster.

statue of liberty 1

But then again, what is talent but honing that connection?


Willard Wigan’s work can be found at his website,, and various sites around the Net.

He is so worth discovering.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Willard Wigan

  1. I know! Actually my son told me about Willard. Other artists come across either as someone’s suggestion or a pic on Twitter or FB. I’m glad you enjoyed them! I will always be amazed.

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  2. That’s INSANE!! How did you find about about this artist? I really like what he’s created, but I almost admire his actual technique more! He is in utter control of his artistic talent. So cool — an inspiration, definitely.


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