Promote Yourself Monday!

You know me. A bucket full of confetti. Of confusion and magic and Chatty-Cathy-itis. (I wrote a blog way back in 2012 about this very subject.. you can check it out and get a chuckle).

But now Spring is coming/here, I’m working on my next collection of Angel Tears (which I hope to get online very soon) and I thought there is no better time to promote myself here right in front of you all.

I would make a terrible salesperson — I feel uncomfortable suggesting and pushing and beating around the bush about my own creations. But if I don’t give them a shout out, who will?

The first free offering is my book Corn and Shadows. Written way back in 2011, it has been edited forever, and now is available for a free download. It’s a story about a 40ish woman going through a midlife crisis, which happens to include time travel and a little love crush as well.

If you’ve already downloaded it and read it, please let me know what you think about it.

I also offer a free writer’s guide, Let’s Write That Book! It’s common sense advice if you are thinking of writing your life’s story or just a short story or two. Starting out is not as hard as you think.

Of course, what would advertising be if I didn’t shout out my full, blown out art gallery, the Sunday Evening Art Gallery. A full length extension of my Goddess Gallery blogs, each gallery is jam packed with unique delights such as the amazing glass works of Dale Chihuly, the imaginative weirdness of Stairways to Nowhere, the wild forest sculptures of Spencer Biles, the metallic sculptures of Kang Dong Hyun, the painted cups of Luycho, or the original porcelain sculptures of Sophie Woodrow.

I could go on and on about the truly unique art I’ve found, but you’ll have to explore those worlds yourself.

I am STILL working on a website for my Angel Tears, and hopefully I’ll have something to show you in the near future. They are sparkling suncatchers that blend into their surroundings, bringing magic and delight to your world.

I hope to be posting the follow up novel to Corn and Shadows named Time and Shadows, a continuing of Annabella Powers’ time-travel adventure.

But that is a promotion for another day.

Looking forward to YOUR self promoting!



4 thoughts on “Promote Yourself Monday!

  1. I just downloaded your boek but I haven’t read it yet. I’ll let you know when I have, ok.


  2. I just finished a blog “Wish Upon a Dandelion” in which I promote Laura Sullivan’s music – and the joy of wishes that really can come true. It’ll post at 11′ pm (MST) tonight. I hope you will check it out and le me know what you would wish for! I wish you success with your latest publication – and look forward to checking out that free download! ❤


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