The more I delve into Art, the more amazing it becomes.

Many of my discoveries are distant links from where I started.

For instance, I was on a site, (the origin of which I forget), and found Paola Besana, whose art I enjoyed. Looking him up led me to a website,, MAM – Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere, promoted by the Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d’Art, (Italy), which featured not only Besana, but many other Masters of Arts and Crafts.

Curious, I checked out another artist, Elena Dal Cortivo, who makes handmade reproductions of parchment roses made for the sound holes of harpsichords, mandolins, and baroque guitars.

Her website had more links to makers of harpsicords and and other instruments.

Maker of parchment roses?

Where did this art come from?

And who makes homemade harpsicords?

I think I have found my passion. My life’s work.

That makes me laugh. It used to be writing. I’m still passionate about that – but now it’s more experiencing new amazing forms of art and sharing them with those who also have (probably) not experienced such creativity.

This is how I find so many wonderful artists in the world. People and places that those of us in small Wisconsin towns have never heard of.

That’s why I believe in staying away from horrid headlines and problems I cannot solve and explore worlds that are still brand new to me.

I want to wander through fields of Art that are colorful and inspirational and unique. And I want you to discover them with me.

Don’t be afraid to explore the world. The positive parts of the world.

There is so much out there to discover!




9 thoughts on “Art is EVERYWHERE!

  1. This is the power of the pc. You can see many lovely things and you always get new links to investigate and learn more about people and the world.


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