Fun For Fans of Fashion

Going through my past in here, looking for something else (of course), I came across this blog about Older Women Fashion.

Now that I’m retired, work and fashion (and this past blog) are almost nine years in the past, I do admit that this thought was based on a co-worker (whom I really did like). But I still always try to look good.

I rolled my eyes back then.

I rolled my eyes this morning, too.

Here are a few fun fashion no-no’s not only for those over 50, but for most under 50 too. 


Seven Fashion NoNos for Goddesses of All Ages



8 thoughts on “Fun For Fans of Fashion

  1. Love this post! Fashion is ageless and fun for everyone. My perspective is that fashion is not just about looking good, but also feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear. Let’s keep the fashion game strong!

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  2. I’m from the same generation as you are, pig tails, clothes way too small, over the top make-up…. that is a no no for me but I love to observe people, how they dress and behave and I find it quite interesting.

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  3. I know I know! It’s not that I think I’m any better than any of them, but sorry — middle aged women in pig tails just look out of time and space to me. Of course, people in clothes that are too small when they’re too big offend me, too. I’m just the old generation, I guess!

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  4. Great blog post ! But I love looking at people and see how they dress and behave, and sitting on a terrace with a cold drink on a hot day it can be a lot of fun. So I often think some people don’t have a mirror at home or else, very bad eyes. I try to grow old gracefully, but who knows what people think of me…..

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