Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Area Rugs

Are rugs Art? Area rugs, throw rugs – are they artistic? If they are not created individually by a Monet or a Chihuly, are they still pieces worthy of collection? What makes them unique — the color? The shape? The fabric?

Like the unfathomable number of stars above, each rug glows with its own light. If one believes a rug tossed in front of a sofa or bed is artistic flair, so it is.  If it calls to you, sends you on your own private journey into the world of beauty and pleasure, so it is. 




9 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Area Rugs

  1. Fascinating Claudia … here is one of the moon I saw at the Geelong Art Gallery


  2. To me, rugs are works of art. Thinking about the history of rug-making and the purposes they were put to, there is no other explanation for the expense and time required to make them so beautiful than as an expression by the maker.


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