On My Way To Do Something Else — For the 100th Time

Some people are afraid of wandering around too much, helter skelter, carefree, no compass, no sense of direction. Others possess all of those keys and still manage to wander down alleys and up staircases and into deep woods and never fear a thing!

This morning I was reading my friend Raylatest story called Shared Truth on his blog Mitigating Chaos, (feeling a kindred spirit in his blog title), where he talks about another blogger, Steve Layman, and his blog A Layman’s Blog  (which he admires a lot) and who has made the list of Culture Offering’s list of 25 Blogs Guaranteed to Make You Smarter (of which I follow 3 or 4).

Did you follow all of that?

Well, while I got side tracked into following Ray’s trail of blog crumbs, I turned around and went back into the list of those ~ I ~ followed (which is where I was going in the first place, before I got pleasantly distracted by Ray) and found a Judith, a blogger who hadn’t posted on her blog Artistcoveries in about six months, but whose discoveries I always enjoyed. Taking a break, I hope she comes back soon! 

See — this is what blogging is to me — dropping names of writers and artists I think you’d enjoy. I’m here to hang with you!  

uh … where are we going?



Go Bold! — Artistcoveries

My daughter, Liz, you may recall, is quite an accomplished collage artist. I’ve previously shared the iguana she drew and collaged for me, and she recently completed this parrot for her aunt, my sister Jill. Collage Art by Elisabeth Sherwood – June 2022 If you look closely, you’ll see that she made this from pieces […]

Go Bold! — Artistcoveries

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