What Did You Think?

I did not want to do this, but the suspense is killing me.

On August 3rd I posted my first free e-book for your pleasure and download.

Corn and Shadows.

I decided long ago that there was no point charging for my writing — I don’t even know if it’s ~good~ writing. It made me feel good to offer something I’ve created to others who love Creativity.  So I did.

My WordPress Record Keeping (as it were) notes that there have been 40  downloads. How wonderful! How exciting!

But my comment section is … how should I say it … bare. So I decided to push through my uncomfortable wall of self-doubt and self-consciousness and ask …

How was the book?

Did you enjoy it? Did you think it stupid? Would you be interested in Book Two of the set? Did it make sense? Did you enjoy the characters?

I’ve thought about offering the set on Amazon, but it’s just too confusing at this point in my life. All I want to do is share my type of creativity and maybe make someone else feel something good.

Soooo …

If you’ve read it, let me know in the comments section. Either here or over on the Book page. If you have an opinion on it, let me know in the comment section.( I can take criticism, so unless you will be burning it in effigy to the Dark Lord because of its horrid and vaporous nature, go ahead and post.) If you’ve never heard of my free e-book, here’s a description and the link: 

Midlife covers a wide range of emotions and second thoughts, and 43-year-old Annabella Powers was experiencing them all.  Frustrated with her job, her husband, and herself, all she wanted was a little excitement in her boring life.
Crashing her car at the bottom of a rain-soaked hill, Anna wakes up in 1880 Claremont with broken ribs and a punctured lung.  Doing her best to recover, she is drawn into an atmosphere of suppression and strict social mores as she befriends the 17-year-old daughter of the estate while matching wits with the domineering matriarch and her bullish son. Besides all of that, Anna finds herself falling for the estate’s caretaker, a handsome rogue half her age.
A story of twisted relationships and forbidden love that may tear the family apart, this is a novel of self-discovery as a woman comes to grips with her age and emotions in a world not her own. 

Download your free copy of Corn and Shadows here.

Okay. The self-promotion part of the blog is over. Have a great Monday!

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