Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Halloween Gallery-Style

Salvador Dali


Amazing Trees


Amy Brown


Anton Semenov


Carsten Wieland


Tom Banwell


Day of the Dead




Face Off


Louise Bourgeois


Tal Peleg


Ray Villafane


Armando Marino


Miles Johnston


Francis Bacon


Doug Rowell




15 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Halloween Gallery-Style

  1. To be honest, I am more interested in the art side of it. I’m weird it seems. I hate blood and gore and do not watch those kind of movies. A little psychological horror is okay. But I am fascinated by good horror art. The details, the emotions it evokes. My speed of horror is the black and white “The Haunting.” And the day off of work? The best!

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  2. Do you like horror ?? Halloween is not for me, it makes me really uncomfortable. Halloween didn’t exist over here until about 10 or 15 years ago. Now the kids love it but trick or treat is not part of Halloween here, the kids love to run arround in crazy costumes that’s all. We do celebrate the day of the death but we go visit the graves of our loved ones and put flowers on their graves. We even get the day off from work 😀


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