The Stress of Too Many _ _ _ _

(this is NOT my house)

Collectors, beware.

Souvenir shoppers beware.

Old People, beware.

There is this disease of sorts that seems to be running around the world these days — worse than Covid 19, worse than malaria. Well, worse in the fact that so many of us suffer from it.

Sometimes we recognize the symptoms and can live with them; other times we ignore the signs until it’s too late. It can strike young, middle-aged, or old people. 

Yes, it’s a people disease.

It’s called SAVING THINGS.

Come on, be honest — how many of you have way too many unicorns, shot glasses, signs, or spoons from places you visited 40 years ago? Your kids baby teeth, their first artwork, their second artwork, their 354th artwork. Yard implements you might someday actually use. Cute pots you may eventually use to transplant overgrown houseplants. A jungle where your patio door used to be.

I’ve felt the strain of this disease for years. Years ago our kids lived with us for a while while looking for a new house. They found one. Half of their stuff was moved out. Five  years later they found another house. The rest of their stuff finally found its way to the door.

I was getting close to 70 (still am), and find I cannot handle all this clutter I’ve collected through the years. I thought I binge cleaned and donated a few times already but this disease is like watching a pot of water boil… little bubbles keep popping up, one bubble at a time, until you turn around and the pot is boiling over.

What made me think of this is looking out on my front deck at three dogs. None are my original choice, but I opened my heart and took them in at various times in my life. No regrets.

Except there’s too many dogs in my house.

I am getting old and need peace and quiet. 

Maybe that’s why I’m purging my house of knickknacks and extra rugs and baby toys and all sorts of things that have long outgrown their use. It’s not hoarder stuff — it’s clutter stuff. 

I think that’s worse.

I need to be able to walk through a room without knocking something over, or smile fondly at a few unicorns in a cabinet and not think of having to dust 00 more or stop tripping over the pots I’ve stacked by the back door to bring to Good Will a month ago. I want to go for a walk without having to yell a three sniffers/wanderers/adventurers to get back here or else.

Ahhh…. my dream world.

What is yours?



19 thoughts on “The Stress of Too Many _ _ _ _

  1. My husbands “office” is a nightmare with many offical papers of all his birdclubs where he is part of the board, when something happens to him, I’ll have a huge problem as the other board members will need the offical papers. And in his huge office full of stuff, I haven’t got a clue…..


  2. I know what you mean, we have a house with 5 bedrooms, way too big for 2 oldies but my husband doesn’t want to move.


  3. Memories and experiences top the list. 💖 I have to keep reminding myself of that truth as I attempt to let go of things. I am getting there, and it does feel freeing. ✨ Thank you. Hugs.


  4. Indeed. I know it’s not easy — especially now that I’ve lost someone I want to keep everything of his. But There’s a double edged sword when it comes to keeping memorials and souvenirs — I’d rather keep my memories and my love than stacks of “stuff.”

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  5. Yes! I am always telling my hubby I’d like to move to a smaller house. Not that I’m in a mansion — it’s just that I’m tired of cleaning two floors when it’s only the two of us! I tend to cocoon in a few spots around the house — including outside on the porch. I don’t need to clean out there, too!


  6. Thank you. As are you! I understand. My daughter might be dealing with a few of her things she isn’t ready to deal with yet. At least it will be her stuff. 😄


  7. My dream is the same as yours ! I have been watching a series about people moving to a tiny house, I sometimes wish I could do that too 😀


  8. Ha! Indeed! I have tried to stick to my own made up law of 3. Get rid of 3 things a day. Any things. There are times when I get real and go through places (like my closet) and pull out 3 things I haven’t worn since who knows when
    Or my drawers. Believe me, there’s lots there. I tell myself someone else will love it too, and off into the bag it goes. Maybe the 3 rule would work for you!


  9. You are a good friend. Thank you. And I too am sentimental about everything. I suppose that’s why we keep things. But I’ve also cleaned out a couple of hoarder houses in my day and I don’t want my kids to have the aftertaste in their mouth like I did after a job like that. I’d rather have them smile when they come across one or two souvenirs… not 50.

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  10. Oh yes, I know this description well. Sometimes late at night I start to review all of the stuff that needs to go. In the morning I think about what a great idea it is….but not today. HA


  11. It is good to dream. 😁 This has been my year of purging. Never easy because I am sentimental, but it has been good for me and my space. 😊 Wonderful writing!


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