Life is always interesting, isn’t it?

Craig Haupt

Life is always interesting, isn’t it?

Just when you think you know something, something else comes along and pulls the rug out from under you.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there’s a big foam pad to fall on.

I had a blog written for today, one that was about people being contradictions, saying one thing and doing another. It was a whiney little blog that, on one hand, was therapeutic, on the other said nothing new.

Then I talked to one of my best friends.

One who transferred jobs and picked up and moved three states away, leaving us friends back in Wisconsin forlorn and texting. 

It was a delightful conversation.

We complained about the usual things, laughed about family and people and personalities and told each other how important it was for us — for women — to have our own personal time and personal space, and talked about getting older and aches and pains, and shared camping stories. 

And the fog lifted.

Why do I bore you with this triviality?

To show you that it doesn’t take much to turn things around. To turn half empty to half full. To turn adversity into a learning, growing opportunity.

We all get into ruts. The same old job, the same old family disputes. The same dinner menu on Mondays and the same shopping schedules on Wednesdays. Nothing wrong with ruts, except you never get anywhere. It’s like being stuck in quicksand. 

All you need to get out of the rut is a shot of friendship. A meeting of the minds. A dip in the pool of Creativity. Whether you are connecting with an old friend, a new friend, or Vincent Van Gogh, all you need is a peek in someone else’s mind. A glimpse of someone else’s dreams. 

In making intellectual connections you are able to rise above the ruts and find a way to make a better life. Better choices. A chance to work on those dreams you’ve kept hidden for so long.

That’s why I am always pushing Creativity. In all its forms, all its diversities. The art of friendship is no different than the art of painting or calligraphy. All are enlightening, all are opportunities to shake off the gloom and moodiness that comes from ritualistic routines.

Talking to my friend reminded me that it’s time to get back into my own Art Experience. There’s always something new waiting around the corner. 

For you and for me.



12 thoughts on “Life is always interesting, isn’t it?

  1. I understand. I miss the energy of gatherings and events too, writing and others. It is enjoyable to create, share, and connect with people through this platform. 😊


  2. I miss meeting writing friends at yearly conferences and writing groups. There was a different, unique vibration between writers when we got together like that. My friends don’t always get my highs off of writing, but if I can get them high on THEIR craft theres a great connection there, too. Maybe that’s why I’m enjoying corresponding and connecting and making new friends through this blog. Feels good.

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  3. Yes. You are so right. The Covid seclusion gave us a false sense of being okay being alone. We all love our “own” time, being alone to think and do the things that we enjoy. But after a while being separated and segregated and alone feels wrong. We do need connection and reconnection with like minds. Even if our future choices are different, we need to connect with those who love us for who we are.

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  4. A wonderful connection between friendship and creativity and the idea that with a little adjustment we can enrich our experiences. 💖 I had a friend Friday last week. Breakfast with an author friend and late lunch with teacher friends. It was a wonderful day that lifted my spirits and gave me a fresh outlook. 😊


  5. I love your turn around in thought on this post! You are exactly right it is the human connection that really stimulates our creativity. I believe this was part of what made the Covid seclusion so hard!


  6. You speak the truth. Friends are so important and creativity is my ticket out of hell , along with my imagination( these 2 go together of course).

    Yet, any blog can help someone potentially so try not to judge yourself 🙂


  7. I always loved Will Roger’s quote.“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” A chat with a like-minded friend is the best medicine!!


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