Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Christel Assante

French artist Christel Assante creates detailed carvings on egg shells using  knives, vinegar, and a diamond coated mini drill.Born and raised in France, she grew up with no artistic education, more of just regular school, and  did not go to college.Assante likes to draw a lot, and is not sure what got her into egg art, but possibly the idea of symbols being transformed to a 3D environment.She uses emu, ostrich, nandu, goose, pheasant, duck, and quail eggs for her art, but prefers the nandu because it is thick and gives more possibilities, but very difficult to find.While she is carving, she prefer to hold the egg shell in her hand to minimize vibrations.It can take her up to eight hours to carve a goose egg shell and one week for an ostrich egg shell.Once her piece is completed, a light bulb is placed inside the carved shell through a hole which magical reveals every tiny, intricate detail in her creation.“The egg shape allows to present scenes which evolve as you turn it around,” Assante shares. “I like this idea …”More of Christel Assante‘s amazing carvings can be found at




10 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Christel Assante

  1. And a steady hand! I have always had a teeny tiny unsteady hand.. I can superglue rhinestones together for Angel Tears without getting much on my fingers. Bit carving/miniature painting/finite finger work …. I do not check those boxes!


  2. Sensational … I’ve seen lots of ‘egg’ paintings, but never “egg-shell carvings” … these are amazing Claudia .. 🤗🌏


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