The Power of Love

Let’s be brief.

The world out there is messed up. Mass shootings at grade schools,  graduation parties, and outside of bars. The horror of death is everywhere.

It seems like the world has gone mad. It certainly has tinted our view of the future.


I went to one of my youngest son’s bestie’s wedding Saturday. It was a lovely affair.

You know that my son was killed in February by a mad gunman. Sitting in the church before the wedding, I kept thinking that the bride and groom should have been my son and lady.

But I digress.

Before, during, and after the celebration I was surrounded by the love and support of his friends and friends’ wives and parents and friends of friends. It was phenomenal.

I tried to keep the emotions in check — after all, this was a friend’s wedding, not a memorial. My husband and I were honored to be invited. I mean, we’re parents of someone else’s kid. 

The point of this blog is that the world is not going to hell. Individuals may be, but not the world as a whole.

There are wonderful people all around you. People who love openly, who fear death and love life just like us. And they are there for you and me.

A wedding cannot bring back what has happened, but it can bring together people who love and remember. There is no better support group. I will always love these guys.

Give the world another chance.



11 thoughts on “The Power of Love

  1. I hesitated in sharing that part, but I just wanted my friends who come to share my writing that whatever they’re going through, they’re not alone. We all have pain in our lives. We all have friends, too. We just need to let them love us.

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  2. What a gift that is for me. Thank you for telling me that. It is an honor too. A beautiful soul connection, yes. ✨ Creative chaos, yes! There is so much beauty and magic, yes!! I experience it on many levels. Amplified when I come across people like you. How and what you choose to share on your blog is your decision. Your willingness to share and be vulnerable allows others to do the same, which brings healing. That is beautiful. 💖


  3. You make me strong. I know we hardly know each other, but our souls keep meeting way out there somewhere. What chaos we are causing! Thank you for understanding me. I don’t want this blog to be all about my pain, for there is so much beauty and magic out there too! And it’s our job to go and find it and share it!!

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  4. My heart sank when I read that your son died of a gunshot wound. I stand with you in saying that love is critical to curing our ills. But if some folks find it too hard to love strangers, they can start with kindness.

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  5. This left me in tears. A moving piece. For over an hour, I have been listening to the song list you sent me. Also moving. Thank you for sending me that and for being a strong light in this world. 💖

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  6. I am inspired by your resilience. I did not know the circumstances of your son’s death. I do know that it seems the world is imploding and I pray it signals the beginning of a world of light, love, and peace. We need one another now more than ever. I am glad the wedding brought you joy and support.


    Linda ❤

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