Sunday Evening Art Gallery — We Make Carpets


The Dutch collective We Make Carpets has spent the past decade transforming everyday objects and materials into site-specific installations, and has taken the world by storm since its formation in 2009.

Pasta Carpet

The trio has exhibited their work at reputable museums from Australia to the United States, in continuous pursuit of new forms and possibilities.Cup Carpet


They are guided by a simple belief: that mass-produced objects and materials lose their exceptional beauty due to their sheer quantity and availability and the carelessness with which they are used and thrown away.

Sponge Carpet


Even if they take a close look at something like a simple scouring sponge, a chip fork or a clothes peg, it’s hard to identify their quality, technical ingenuity and colors.

Candy Bar Carpet


We Make Carpets works patiently and diligently for days to create a pattern and ultimately a fragile carpet never intended for anyone to walk on.

Paper Roll Carpet


The carpets are temporary, made on the spot with no thought out plans or sketches beforehand.

Shuttlecock Carpet


The three artists cast each other a knowing look when the first patterns begin to emerge, seemingly out of nowhere (the only real preparation is buying the product in bulk and getting a feel for the space).

Army Carpet


Eventually, a work of art starts to materialize on the floor; a transient and vulnerable carpet made from items in the same product family: chip forks, scouring sponges, clothes pegs or countless other disposable items.

Mussel Carpet


The hard work and the meticulous placement of identical materials or objects in ever-changing patterns and directions generates unexpected results.

Hardware Carpet


The stunning patterns, the breath-taking colors, or the austerity of black and white suddenly raises questions about usage, disposal, and longevity.

Stirrer Carpet

More of We Make Carpets can be found at



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