Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Aline Campbell

Aline Campbell is a Tourismologist  by training and a plastic artist by profession.Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Campbell’s art focuses on amazing string art designs.The artist shares that it was after a trip to Canada in the summer of 2011 that she fell in love with string art.She returned to Brazil more inspired than ever, and through simple tutorials, learned the basics of the technique.This allowed her to unravel the art little by little, learning and experimenting, enabling her to create her own designs.Today she dominates her craft.“My own style, which I confess I don’t know for sure how to define it, is all based on randomness,” Campbell admits.“And so I invite you, therefore, to my world. I invite you to dive into randomness.”You can find more of Aline Campbell’s amazing string art at and


13 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Aline Campbell

  1. I do crack myself up! 😆 Keeping things organized is no small task. I inherited all of my dad’s fishing gear – too many tackle boxes! With lewers and gear. 🎣 Rhinestones are more appealing. 💎


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