There’s Always Someone There

As all of you know, there’s been a lot of emotional messes going on in my life.

But I’m doing fairly well.

Except I’m way behind on reading my fellow blogger’s blogs.

Now, with the way the world is these days, reading or not reading others’ blogs should not be a cause for concern. After all, there’s only 24 hours in the day, and, taking away away eating, sleeping, complaining, working, cleaning, recovering, crying, laughing, and other must-do’s, there isn’t always time for reading.

But there should be.

People who write blogs do so for a reason. You followed their blogs for a reason. You offer, you reciprocate. Kinda that yin yang flow thing. If you find enjoyment when people read and comment on what you write, know that others feel the same way.

I am always optimistically hoping that for however many people check the “like” button on my blogs, another hundred read, smiled, and moved on. That for every comment that comes my way, a hundred thousand comments are running through the readers’ heads.

And I know that for the tens and dozens and hundreds of likes you all get on your hard-earned creativity, there are four thousand other readers who appreciate who you are and what you did.

I also know that, for as lonely and lost as you sometimes may feel, someone else is thinking about you. Worrying about you. Caring about you.

We are never really alone. Between spammers and TV informercials and people sitting next to you in traffic and across the aisle from you and following you and ignoring you, there is always someone there. For better or for worse.

Your family and friends are there too.

I’d love to think you are all here with me for the better.

And soon I will be back reading and commenting and wondering what you’re having for lunch and where you are going on vacation and how much you spent on that carmel mocca latte last week.

People are like that.

Friends, too.




15 thoughts on “There’s Always Someone There

  1. I do so believe that, my friend. But sometimes I feel like I’m cheating someone because I’m not partaking in THEIR creativity. But you are right. Friends get it. And probably do the same.


  2. Oh goodness! I’m behind ALL the time. Don’t worry about it. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time for all the things we want to do, never mind the things we have to do. Right now you just concentrate on taking care of you. The rest will take care of itself.


  3. Sometimes we have time to read, like, and comment and sometimes we don´t. It all balances out, I figure. We are all here with you. xo


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