Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Bruno Catalano

Bruno Catalano was born in 1960 in Khouribga, Morocco, near Casablanca.

His Travelers—or Les Voyageurs—are fractured and fragmented individuals, each on its own path.They are travelers, walking, unruffled, suitcase in hand, except that their bodies are in bits, open to the wind and light.In many, the torso has almost disappeared; there, the arm looks like it was blown off by a shell.

As they are, they look like they’re coming back from far away, worn by centuries of erosion.And yet, each retains his balance and coherence.

Through his statuary Catalano replays the adventure of mankind, always in-between two shores, repelling all the boundaries.More of Bruno Catalano‘s amazing statues can be found at



8 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Bruno Catalano

  1. These sculptures are amazing! Such imagination and such wonderful talent! Thank you for sharing. I feel a bit like those travelers right now – with what’s going on in this world – feels like a part of me has been blown off with this antiquated war in a modern world – – – I had hoped we were beyond blowing each other up!


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