Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Georges Fouquet

The brilliant French master craftsman Georges Fouquet (1862-1957) created  sublime works of jewelry art in both the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco Periods.Hailing from one of the great French jewelry houses, Fouquet is regarded as a master jeweler in the strictest sense.His father Alphonse Fouquet started the jewelry house back in the 1800s, and Georges continued the firm until around the 1930s.Fouquet preferred a more geometric approach than his father and belonged to the school of important designers who directly translated contemporary art in jewelry, building up designs from geometric shapes, making use of lacquer and enamels.The renowned master workman of Art Nouveau jewelry also created some of the finest Art Deco Jewelry in the history of jewelry.With the arrival of the Art Deco movement in the 1920s, Fouquet, always on the cutting edge, took his jewelry to a bolder, more geometric look.Around  1922, sensing the changes in jewelry popularity, he was able to smoothly transition from Art Nouveau through Art Deco, moving beyond his earlier innovative ideas of floral and figurative decoration to produce, brooches, bracelets, belt clasps, pins, and pendants with extremely stylized abstract motifs.Replacing precious gemstones in his gemstone jewelry with  gemstones like onyx, jade, and coral, Fouquet often combined texture and color with the translucency of topazes, aquamarines, crystal, and amethysts.Fouquet varied colors and textures with the use of enamel and lacquer, often drawing on other contemporary artists for fresh ideas.More of Georges Fouquet‘s amazing jewelry can be found at and


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