Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Viktor Schramm

Viktor Schramm (1865-1929) was a Romanian painter and illustrator.He was a member of the Munich School, an association of artists either active in Munich or who had studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.Schramm’s paintings offer an intimate and staged glimpse into the everyday life of the upper middle class.His oil paintings are characterized by a special devotion and sensitivity to materiality and décor.Schramm not only staged the intimacy of the presented moment, but also created a detailed description of the bourgeois salon, which was characterized by its stimulations of touch and motion.Among other things, Schramm’s specialty was depicting elegantly dressed young women.The artist was able to capture the texture and light of dress fabrics and the play of colors over the silk.Information across the Internet is scarce, but more on Viktor Schramm can be found at



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