Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Sheet Music

There’s an element to songwriting that I can’t explain, that comes from somewhere else. I can’t explain that dividing line between nothing and something that happens within a song, where you have absolutely nothing, and then suddenly you have something. It’s like the origin of the universe.

~Nick Cave, Musician~


Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘The Art of Fugue’ Original Manuscript


Canción Rota, Federico-Hurtado


Goodbye Waltz, Michele Gonzalez


Clair de Lune, Claude Debussy


Beethoven, Erika Iris Simmons


Unity_Capsule, Ferneyhough


Etude 81, Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich



Preludio, Jana and JS


The Marriage of Figaro Overture, Amadeus Mozart


12 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Sheet Music

  1. I’ve been a fan of Jana et JS for several years now, but I’ve never seen their “Preludio” before. Where did you find it?


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