Weight Loss Teletubby Style

Like some of you, my weight leaves a lot to be desired. My activity level, my energy level, my senility level, all feel like they’re in eternal flux.

For most of us, life’s biggest struggle is shedding pounds. 

It’s not that we don’t have determination. Desire. Resolve. Motivation. It’s just that it’s so HARD. It’s hard to be healthy. Both physically and mentally. It takes work. Dedication. Discovery.

Just when you think you’re on the right path a big semi truck crashes in front of you and you have to swerve off the road and into the chocolate factory. Just when you are able to walk down the driveway the city blocks off your street and you’re forced to go inside and watch Judge Judy.

You know what I mean.

There’s always an excuse waiting to happen.

After a trip this weekend to a beautiful resort in warm, sunny Georgia for my goddaughter’s wedding, my husband is starting keto. His motivation is his company and his A1C. This is the first time I’ve seen him so dedicated to an idea, and you know men — if they are determined enough they will carry out anything.

I myself am shaking in the shadows.

This is my chance to take off at least 25 unneeded, unwelcome pounds. Yes, I’m built like a Teletubbie. Not good for my health or my mind.  I could use a makeover of 50 pounds, but even 20 would help my health.

But I digress.

I want to jump on the weight loss bandwagon, but I’m old and lazy and fairly scatterbrained. It’s hard for me to focus on any one project for too long.

I want to follow in my husband’s healthy footsteps, at least for a little while. But his method seems so drastic.

Why are we always afraid to commit to change?

Why do we find excuses to blow off things we know we need?

Life and love and health all fall into that blowing off category.

So I’ve decided to follow him half way into Ketoland. 

He says I can’t do it half way, which gives me the motivation to go half way and beyond. Don’t tell me I can’t do it my way.

I will be big on the proteins and the veggies he can eat. I will add my own veggies, fruits, and sugars. I will leave out the extra cheeses, oils, and butters that keto is known for. I will not give up dairy, carrots, nor bananas.

I will go on my own hodgepodge journey and see where it leads me. 

Twenty pounds lighter by summer, I hope. But more than that, I want to honestly say …..

I did it myyyyyy waaaaayyyy…..



14 thoughts on “Weight Loss Teletubby Style

  1. Oh, my friend, I was a failure a few months ago! Doing it mmyyyyy waaaayyy didn’t pan out like I wanted. I am getting older quicker — I just told my hubby today that I am willing to give it another try. I am constantly getting headaches and can’t stand straight and figure better eating HAS to help! I’ll let you know how it goes. Let’s make a deal to at least give it a genuine TRY this time!


  2. You too! My husband is successful with his Keto way of life, but I just can’t commit to it full force like him. So my pounds will take quite a long time to come off. Maybe this insures a longer life!


  3. Weight loss is so hard! I am going to try hard to shed 43.2 pounds this next year. I already know I can’t follow any dramatic change so going to just try to make healthier options. Good luck on your weight loss journey!


  4. I love this. I have hypothyroidism and I just turned 50. I feel like I’m on a weight loss roller coaster. I lose then gain without changing a thing!! Love your blog


  5. Story of my life, fighting the kilo’s. I started dieting when I was 11 years old, and all my life my weight went up and down, I did WW, lost about 1 or 2 ounces a week !! Some people lost 5 kilo’s a week, just by cutting alcohol, I never liked alcohol, but it was so frustrating. You name it, I tried it.


  6. Good luck. About 20 years ago I lost 30 pounds on weight watchers and have kept 25 lbs off. I need to lose 10 more pounds but haven’t been able to do it easily, so I just carry it around with me. I hope your semi-keto plan works.


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