On My Way to Researching Something Else …

As usual, I was researching something on the Internet this morning and wandered off track and came up and across a website with 10 things …

Now, I’ve written blogs in the past about 10 (or so) ways to do several things:

10 Ways to Kick Start Your Creative Project (this one was a good one)

Top 10 … no, 20 … no, 5 … List (a little self-blog promotion back in 2014, but it was clever too)

Top 10 Perfect Moments (back in 2019, something we all should do ALL the time).

So I started cruising the Internet for 10 Ways. What a valorous timeth! (from English to Shakespeare website). Here are a few I came across:

10 Ways to Love Your Brain | Alzheimer’s Association

10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Don Zolidis

10 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Cooking – Shared Appetite

10 ways the world is most likely to end, explained by scientists

10 Ways To Be a Shakespeare Expert

And it got me thinking. Do I know 10 Ways to do anything?

I mean, I’m smart … I’m experienced … I’m knowledgeable. I can add two and two and find my way to Walmart and know how to make Bavarian Meatloaf.

But 10 Ways? Isn’t that confusing to most people?

These days, people are lucky to know two different ways to do the same thing. You drive from Milwaukee to Green Bay one way. You plant bulbs in the garden one way. You make Hollandaise Sauce one way.

Give people too many choices and they will mess it up all the time.

I taught myself to make the above mentioned Hollandaise Sauce years ago. Simple, yet you have to pay attention. Then I look in the cookbook and there’s a totally different way to make it. My friend’s mother makes it a different way too.

I know me. If I venture off the familiar path I’ll wind up in Hollandaise Hell.

But I think the 10 Ways thing is meant to get you to focus on 10 positive things or ways of life. The blogs I wrote gave positive reinforcement to esoteric things. Creativity. Writing. Appreciating the good things you have in life.

We often focus on what we didn’t do or don’t have instead of the possibilities of tomorrow. The sunshine (or thunderstormy) ways of tomorrow.

As I’ve said countless times, we can’t change the past. All we can do is say thank you for the mistakes and lessons learned and blessings given and more forward.

There must be 10 Ways in your life. 10 thoughts. 10 blessings. 10 projects. Focus on those. And have fun with them.

But 10 Projects? Oh no – I can’t handle the ones I already have!







9 thoughts on “On My Way to Researching Something Else …

  1. Ha, could be. 😉 I can personally account for at least four ways to have a blog almost no one reads (experience being such a good teacher… a harsh mistress, but a good teacher).


  2. Interesting. I suppose it depends on what it is. There are at least 10 different ways I can go for a walk around here, but do 10 ways to eat a sandwich even exist?

    I knew a blogger once, long ago, whose blog was entirely posts of lists of ten things. I don’t think he lasted more than a year (but so many bloggers don’t).


  3. Since there are 50 ways to leave your lover, there must be ten ways to do many things. But like you, I would get confused. Sometimes I can’t remember one way. There are probably ten ways to write a book, probably more, but I’ll stick with the way I’m doing it. For now at least. xo

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