The Cosmos is Revolving — Again

“The cosmos is revolving.”
I absolutely love this phrase.
And you will enjoy the ride on Judith’s blog this morning.
Hold On!




The cosmos is revolving.

This is an expression I use often, so if you’ve followed along with my art journey for a while, it’s already familiar to you. Others might refer to it as synchronicity or maybe simply as coincidence, but whatever you call it, it’s been happening a lot around my art studio recently. In fact, The Revolving Cosmos is the title I’ve given to this monochromatic nocture:

This painting represents several different influences that have come together recently. It represents my new appreciation for loose, intuitive painting and an individual style I’m only now beginning to develop.

I painted this — it’s another “color family exercise” — immediately after I’d finished the Blue Abstract painting I recently shared. Remember me saying that I’d taken out a sheet of canvas paper? Since it was sitting near my easel, and since I still had left-over paint on my palette…

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6 thoughts on “The Cosmos is Revolving — Again

  1. Exactly. Another one I picked up along the way was: If you live to be 80, that’s only 960 months. A lifetime seems so brief expressed that way. Spend your months wisely!


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