Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Tia Crystal

A Visionary Artist, Jewelry Designer, and Energy Healer, Tia Crystal always knew there would be a deeper meaning to her life.Some of the most valuable expressions under the umbrella  of “Spiritual Art”  relates to the inclusion of crystals, spiritual quotes,  and affirmations woven into the art.Crystal has long attracted a select and international circle of collectors, drawn by her organic style and enchanting persona.Years ago, a vision came to her in a dream guiding her to Italy. In response, and with complete trust, she left to embark on a journey that would have a profound life changing impact on her.While walking in silence in the countryside of Assisi, Tia stumbled upon an old paintbrush lying under a bush. Next to it, there was a bottle lid with a T on it.Everything within her told her to pay attention to the message  of these discoveries, and so began her journey of creating Art that leaves one not only mesmerized but intoxicated with inner and outer peace.Crystal’s work is unmatched in its color’s, scope, variety, and deep spiritual meaning.More of Tia Crystal‘s magical art can be found at



10 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Tia Crystal

  1. Same! I do not wear much jewelry except for earrings, or a little something here & there, but I become mesmerized by shiny, glistening, sparkly things if only to space out on it.


  2. As I try not to let “shine” through on my blog too often, I am a sucker for bling. I love sparkle. Anything. I might not wear it but I am drawn to it, throw it around when I can, and sometimes just sit and dazzle myself with it as I wander through the Internet.

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  3. Crystal! You mentioned you collect onyx. I collect the types of crystals that are inexpensive but the light shines a myriad of colors in the light.


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