Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Cathedral Windows


For me a stained glass window is a transparent partition between my heart and the heart of the world.  ~ Marc Chagall


Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, France



Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex, England



Cathedral of Brasília, Brazil



Cathedrale de Reims, France



Baptistry of Coventry Cathedral, West Midlands, England



Christ Church Cathedral in Nassau, Bahamas



Cathédrale Saint-Maurice in Vienne, France



Chapel of Thanksgiving, Dallas, Texas



Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France



Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia



Dom Bosco Sanctuary, Brazil



University of Cambridge’s King’s College Chapel



La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona



St. Joseph’s Church, Le Havre, France



16 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Cathedral Windows

  1. They moved it to a different location that gives it its own space as an installation. I liked it better when you could just walk up to it with all of the daylight streaming through. The Art Institute was my hang out place too. And yes, many moons ago. Still try to stop in when I return to Chicago which isn’t very often. I do visit their online tours though.


  2. He did — and I’ve seen it. I used to hang around the Art Institute all the time when I worked downtown Chicago many moons ago — I’d sure love to see it again, now with my open mind perspective….


  3. I have always loved looking at stained glass windows in churches. There is something awe inspiring about the colors, the work, the meaning. I can’t imagine seeing any of those I showcased — I would be overwhelmed. Happily.

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  4. Chagall created a stunning stained glass window installed in the Art Institute in Chicago.. (from your Chagall quote)


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