Daniel Hannah

You know — I’ve been thinking lately. Reflecting.

That usually means trouble. Confusion.

As I have been in an over-emotional mood lately, I reflected upon my past blogs. The upbeat, pro-creativity, happy-go-lucky blogs.

I realize — that truly is me. I truly believe in handling your own destiny. At least as much as life allows.

But I also wanted you to know that at times I’m an emotional trainwreck, too.

I have fears, inhibitions, and confusion just like you do. I have crabby days, doubtful days, days of wonder and of wondering.

How do you get through those days?

Don’t you sometimes want to drink a bottle, take some pills, stand in the middle of the yard and just scream?

We all know only one of those three really work. And the neighbors might wonder if they see you standing in the middle of your yard one night yodeling your brains out.

First off, I am not against anti-depressants, a glass of wine now and then, or professional therapy. Never be ashamed to go the next step to clear your head. I know I have.

But what if you are just going through the normal ups and downs of a busy, fulfilling life?

Waiting for change to happen is like waiting for water to turn to ice.

That makes me swing back to Creativity.

I dunno. I just feel better creating something. Discovering something. Researching something. Moving feels so much better than sitting still. Especially sitting still day after day, watching nothing but my derrière spread wider.

Doing something for myself gets me out of my funk and back into the land of the living.

I happen to love writing. And certain crafts. And photography. And walking through nature. And taking a drive through the county. And fetching my dog. The list goes on and on.

Your list should go on and on, too.

As I said earlier, there is depression and then there is depression. If you are suffering from unrelenting sadness, confusion, and stress, talk to someone. Professional or otherwise. Don’t try to handle the world alone.

If you suffer from an occasional up and down moment, accept it while moving forward. Paint a picture. Doodle a whole page of nonsense. Buy a few inexpensive flowering plants and dig a hole and plant them. Research something odd like auras or Alpha Centauri or Medieval life (I’ve researched all three). Watch a stupid movie. Build something cool from your kid’s Legos.

Find a way back to Creativity.

To imagination.

To logic.

To love.

Admit the crabbies and move along back to what you were put on this Earth to do.



20 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. But everyone DOES have that opportunity — it’s just a hard one to see, sometimes. Perhaps I’m just older and don’t suffer from wanting what everyone else has anymore. That the time before me is a lot less than that behind me. And I am thankful for where I am and what I’ve got. Thank you.


  2. Alas not for everyone, but when you have a roof over your head, enough food and warmth, friends and family, I think this is a lot more than many people have, so when I am in a dip I think of how much I do have. And it helps πŸ˜€


  3. You know … you said the magic words … “And I pray the inspiration helps others along the way.” Yes yes. If I can awaken the creativity, the imagination of ONE Person, then I have succeeded on my journey. Am glad we are journeying together!

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  4. We have so much in common! Like you, “I happen to love writing. And certain crafts. And photography. And walking through nature. And taking a drive through the county. And fetching my dog.” And I, too, have days when I’d like to just stand in my yard and scream. However, I like your alternative suggestions! Especially: “Admit the crabbies and move along back to what you were put on this Earth to do… Create.” That’s why I blog. It sure helps me. And I pray the inspiration helps others along the way, too. I know yours does for me! Thank you, (((Claudia))). ❀


  5. That’s such an excellent post…so relatable…πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ I have found new joy through colours from the flowers I am growing in my balcony as well all the paints have been a saviour during this pandemic…we must all search for anything that brings alive our creative sides 😊


  6. You are a blessing. Your candid and humorous writing style is refreshing. Creativity and music helped me survive the isolation of the pandemic and launched me on a new life path. On down days, dancing helps me move out of the funk. Proper sleep also makes life more enjoyable.


  7. I can relate to all of the above. Someone (who really had a hard life) told me once; if you are down think of the possitives in your life and that really helps.


  8. Yes to all of this. I sometimes like to sing at the top of my voice. thankfully we don’t have many neighbours around right now.


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