Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Silos in Australia


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Silo Art isn’t just a beautiful addition to the local landscape; for many towns and communities it’s a lifeline.Silo Art is extremely important for promoting tourism in Regional Australia.The idea of emblazoning outsized farm storage buildings with oversized art began in Western Australia in 2015, when a cultural non-profit called FORM hired well-known street artists Phlegm and HENSE to paint a series of linked silos in the town of Northam, 62 miles northeast of Perth in the Wheatbelt region.Phlegm covered one end of the 118-foot-high block with wry, black-and-white portraits of early aviators and balloonists; HENSE plastered colorful, abstract forms on the other.Designed as a pilot project to bring art to rural regions, the stunt was a hit.It ignited a movement, with other towns in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt and beyond angling to get their own beautified silo, and to bring visitors and revitalization with it.Cultural grants and private commissions filled rural areas with the kind of buzzy, bright art usually found in downtown alleys and warehouse-y neighborhoods.An added bonus? From Australia’s wide-open back roads, the silos could be seen for miles around.Amazing artists with amazing ideas bring yet another dimension to the world of Art.More silos can be found at



32 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Silos in Australia

  1. If a town has silos painted with such intriguing art work, it would not only enhance tourism but also bring a different zeal towards life for the people of the place! In complete awe of these spectacular storage structures! Wonderful creations!


  2. It’s nothing you need to experience for yourself unless you absolutely have to.


  3. The last time I was in Kansas was 1995. I didn’t see silos with art then. I was wondering if anything had changed. It would be great if the silos were painted. It’s so boring driving across the flatlands of Kansas.


  4. .. A new housing estate … !! I’m glad the links worked for you … the artwork was quite magnificant …. on top of a hill not far from my place, and could bee seen from miles away ..


  5. Those are beautiful works of art. Many of those grain elevators/silos look like the ones we have in the midwest. I haven’t been to Kansas in years. I wonder if anyone in Kansas has taken to painting silos? I wonder if one might find Dorothy and Toto on a silo in Kansas? Great post.


  6. That’s sad to hear. I checked out the links (they work just fine!). Those are such realistic images. I wonder why they tore down the silos. But time hits everything sooner or later, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing those pictures. Love them!

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