You Won’t Believe The Galleries!

It’s Saturday Night!ย 

Dining and dancing, or pizza and beer? A party full of friends and family, or a snuggling two- or three-some with a child or grandchild in front of the TV?

My other half is recovering from his second Covid shot. All is well, so I’m here on the computer for a few moments to encourage you to stop by the Gallery and see the amazing images from the amazing artists I’ve highlighted here with the Goddess.

I’ve added more images to many of the galleries — the artists had soooooo many amazing creations that I couldn’t choose just three or four to show off.

Check out some of these hot artists and topics:

Hari and Deepti



Beatriz Hidalgo de la Garza



Frank Lloyd Wright



Jen Stark






Melissa Schmidt








There are many, many more artists that will just amaze you. Take some time and wander the galleries. There’s always something new and amazing just around the corner.



14 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe The Galleries!

  1. Thank you! And, of course, there were about 15 more doors just standing in line behind these ones in my folder just in case I changed my mind — I’m just soooo amazed what people can do!


  2. Wow! I love your gallery shares! They are all gorgeous. Love FL Wright’s work and visit Taliesin West in Scottsdale when I can. I would love to own a Melissa Schmidt piece. I would wear it everyday! ๐Ÿ’–


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