Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Dasil

Dasil (David Silva) is a professional, self-taught Mexican-born painter.

Born in Mexico City, Dasil has been a resident of Montreal since the spring of 2002.In parallel with a multi-year career in commercial photography, corporate communications, and television programming production, Dasil has developed a rich pictorial work, original and very personal.Once he arrived in his new adopted country, Dasil devoted himself to the development of his painting.Working with acrylics, oils and inks, Dasil presents imaginative figurative paintings, responding to a mix of influences going from surrealism to classicism, fantastic, allegoric or sacred art.The finesse and precision of his drawings are enhanced by the richness of the colors and hues.

This allows Dasil to share his passions such as music, mythology, and history.The whole of his work is meant to be a celebration of life.To the careful observer, Dasil offers fine composite and complex images, with hidden details and compositions that reveal a secondary vivid symbolism.More of David Silva‘s — Dasil’s — artwork can be found at

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