Do You Have a Spirit Guide or Two?

Do you have a spirit guide that you work with?

An archangel that gets you through the rough times?

A spirit animal or totem that offers you guidance and wisdom?

Some people believe God sits right next to them, guiding them through creative adventures and balancing the books. Some swear by Archangel ___ or Egyptian Goddess ___ for their inspiration. Yet others feel stronger with someone like Creatura, the Creative Faerie, having their back.

I believe in all of the above.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pulling strength out of the cosmos to help you with your creative struggles.

This cosmic connection is different (yet in the same family) as God/Spirit/Counsellors helping us through life’s struggles.

This sort of guide lends moral support in an artsy way. When you struggle on character development, color choices, or your final quilt size, it helps to have a faerie or angel or spirit from the past give you guidance.

Some decisions we can’t make on our own. That’s where divine intervention comes in.

I didn’t realize I had help until I wrote my first book. Being inspired and stuck at the same time, I asked the cosmos (in general) for help. Somehow it stuck in my head that I had help from an ancient Greek spirit. The sequel was nudged along by a heavy-set French mistress from the late 1800’s. I’ve also been known to consult a philosopher from the Tang Dynasty and a priest from Middle Ages.

How do I know I’ve been contacted by spirits to guide me along my bumbling way?

Because I choose to believe.

A little bit of reality and a little bit of fantasy, mixed with daydreams and aspirations and hard work, I don’t believe I’ve gotten this far in life without a little help. A little inspiration. A little guidance.

The world is bigger than we can imagine. More mysterious than we can imagine. More beautiful than we can imagine. And when I get stuck in one rut or another, it feels good to have someone behind me to keep my creative juices flowing.

This is above and beyond the help of the divine. We need those pillars, too.

But sometimes I just need someone to talk to. Someone I can bounce ideas of off. Someone who can listen to my ideas and see my colors and understand what I want as my end product. Especially when I get inspired in the middle of the night or while I’m driving down the road.

I’m shopping around now for a spirit guide for the next step on my creative path. Angel Tears. I realize there’s more going on than meets the eye. After all, I’m a faerie girl. Not an angel girl.

Yet here we are. Here we go.

Looking for a little direction in your creative life? Feel free to find a past spirit or mythical creature or divine being to accompany you on your next wild and rewarding journey.

We need all the help we can get!



23 thoughts on “Do You Have a Spirit Guide or Two?

  1. My first 2 are about a middle aged woman who travels back in time; the next 3 are about a middle aged woman transported across the galaxy to take the king’s sisters place; and my current ones circle around “me/not me” visiting Paris alone and my adventures with Parisian spirits if the past. Weird, eh?


  2. That’s one of the reasons I’m thinking of sharing my book on wattpad. I just want it to be read! My 11 year old reading obsessed grand-daughter is really enjoying it and that feeling I get everytime she tells me how much she likes it and begs for more is fantastic.
    So what is your book about?


  3. I’m contemplating putting my first novel on my website to be downloaded for free. I have shopped all my works around for many years, and I just want to share the story with others. Financial compensation isn’t as important as it used to be. Keep it up! Keep me informed!

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  4. It is so refreshing to know that someone else is being guided in their creative persuits as I am.
    Thank you for your interest!
    I know who the ancestor is since he came to me in a dream with his first name. So I combed through the family tree I was working on at the time and found him in the 1600’s in Scotland (I got the century wrong in my first comment). After doing some research I discovered that he had a couple books out there of poetry and actually found one of them in a reprint of an 1870 copy! After reading his stuff which had a heavy religious content it took him a few years to convince me that he had moved on from all that and could guide me in whatever genre I prefered. He even went so far as appearing to me in dreams and visions dressed in a T shirt and blue jeans! Funny guy! So I finally started accepting his inspiration and the novel became so much easier to write. It’s about a very different kind of werewolf family and draws heavily from my own childhood. I just reached that 100 page milestone and am quite giddy about it.
    This is my third crack at trying to write a novel but this one feels like it’s going to make it to the finish line and maybe that is due to my guide. Or maybe I’ve finally got enough experience under my belt to pull it off; probably some of both. I’m pushing 70 so it’s about time, I think.
    I’m tossing around the idea of putting some of the novel on wattpad just to get a feel for the audience. Or, give the audience a feel for me.
    Thanks for this blog and all it does to lift me up. It’s the only one I consistantly read.


  5. A good read and of course there are angels and spirit guides who take care of us but God is the Greatest and to be fully and truly believing in Him you do not need anyone. He is Everyone and Everything.


  6. Oh, I so love this. I love the thought of an ancestor helping you sort through your ideas. Do you know what this ancestor wrote? I find this so fascinating. What is your novel about? Keep me informed!

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  7. Oh yes, I do believe! I don’t know how anyone who creates in any form cannot believe there is some outside force helping us. When I finish a painting or writing a poem or page of a story and look at it or read it over sometimes I am so amazed that THAT came out of ME. Sometimes while I’m working I can feel something(someone) almost doing it for me. It’s always been a fantastic feeling and I relish it. Right now I have one of my ancient ancestors who was actually a published writer in the 1300’s who is helping me write my novel. There is always someone there guiding me. I can feel it in my bones. They are real…all of them.


  8. I believe 100% with all you have written, I don’t plan what I’m going to paint unless it’s a detailed animal. I prefer to play around and something always manifests. I dream of painting in the night. I have said before that sometimes I feel I’m being channelled 😇 I’m an angel fan x

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