Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Brian Froud


Brian Froud (born 1947) is an English fantasy illustrator

Froud graduated with Honors from Maidstone College of Art in 1971 with a degree in Graphic Design.

Soon afterwards, he began working in London on various projects ranging from book jackets, magazine covers to advertising as well as illustrating several children books.

Froud soon realized that fairy tales and legends were something which would never get old.In collaboration with his friend and fellow artist Alan Lee, Froud created the 1978 book Faeries, an illustrated compendium of faerie folklore.Upon discovering Froud’s lavish and mysterious drawings in his books, and recognizing his complex and singular artistic vision of the faerie world,  Jim Henson chose him to help him create a unique otherworld feature-film which became known as The Dark Crystal. Soon Froud developed his own magical distinctive style and experimented with three dimensional designs complete with gnomes, goblins, warlocks and dragons.Through Froud’s unique style utilizing acrylics, colored pencil, pastels and ink, he has created some of the most well known fantasy images of the Twenty-first Century.More of Brian Froud‘s amazing workmanship can be found at


12 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery (midweek) — Brian Froud

  1. I am so glad to touch your heart. Like I said, I’ve loved his work for so long — probably one of my first artist appreciations. And between one faerie and two unicorn tattoos, you know they are close to my heart.

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  2. You know I am a faerie and fantasy lover Claudia, and I absolutely love these wondrous pieces of imaginative artwork…. thank you for sharing… I shall file these ones… 😀😎


  3. I didn’t know Froud and Henson worked together — but now that you’ve told me, I can sure see his touch in that masterpiece of a magical movie. I imagine those two geniuses had a wonderful time together!


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