Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Chris Garofalo

Chris Garofalo grew up in Springfield, Illinois, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, in South Bend, Indiana, and has been living in Chicago since 1980. 

Following extensive experience with printmaking and graphic design, Garofalo was introduced to ceramics.The artist creates ceramic sculptures that draw inspiration from plant and animal forms.An avid gardener, Garofalo took quickly to the medium, finding gardening and ceramics very similar, especially in smell (the clay and the dirt) and the condition in which both activities leave her hands.Garofalo’s sculptures blur the distinction between land, sea and air, plant and animal kingdoms.By applying the principle properties of development, and by ignoring genetic, behavioral, environmental, social and mating restrictions, Garofalo creates a re-imagined evolutionary history of forms at once recognizable and unidentifiable.Her work is intricate yet delicate, expressive of earthly forms that could have existed had conditions been different.

More of Chris Garofalo’s amazing ceramics can be found at

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