Creativity — Again and Again

John Lemke

I know that word is my catch phrase lately, and that lately has extended for the past few years in all kinds of directions.

I never went to college; I was one of those work-right-after-graduation kinda gals. I never took formal art classes of any sort, but I’ve always been in love with creativity.

Being “stuck” in our homes because of this Covid madness, I am finding more and more people are striking out on creative endeavors of their own. If for a commercial end or a play end, people are connecting with that fourth dimension and having the best time hanging out there.

I’ve mentioned before that I have quite a few creatives in my life; one best friend crochets these amazing blankets and jackets; one creates scrapbooks that are museum quality; one has taken to making impressively creative signs to hang around the house or patio. One friend from long ago makes quilts to die for, and another burns the most amazing animal scenes into wood.

Online, everywhere I turn I am finding people talking about their crafts. Even if it’s only in passing. I follow a potter, a quilter, and a number of painters, poets, and writers. Some of those I follow take gorgeous photographs. It’s everything and anything.

It’s so much fun, isn’t it?

Just when I think I’m burned out of ideas and inspiration, I come across someone who has done something wonderful and it gets me going again.

Creative people don’t need to be crafters, either. Some are redecorating their homes, including murals, colors, and textures. Some create garden scapes every spring. Some are refinishing furniture or restoring old cars.

It’s all in the movement.

It’s all about allowing yourself to have fun. Not judging your quality or quantity or expertise.

It’s all about finding that sparkle that’s buried deep inside you and letting it tickle you.

I myself have created what I am going to call Angel Tears, mobiles of a single fishing line made with mirrors and colored crystals. The Angel Tear is the big crystal teardrop that weights the mobile.

Who knows where this will lead. An art fair, an online business — or merely Christmas presents for family and friends.

If you have an inkling about doing something creative, stop thinking about it. Just do it. Don’t judge, unless it’s with your technique that will only improve with practice. Don’t worry who will like it, buy it, talk about it, or throw it away.

That’s not the purpose of art. Of ART.

Let’s have fun this Covid season! What have you got to lose?

Tell me — what is your side creativity project?



22 thoughts on “Creativity — Again and Again

  1. My blog has been a creative outlet for me during this COVID mess. It’s been a fun way to share some of my thoughts and ideas with the world. I am also really into journaling and making my journal a fun creative outlet is very therapeutic for me.


  2. How weird! Others seem to be able to. But I have this problem with other writers too! Let me see if I can help you with that. I’ll have to figure something out….


  3. How cool! So you know how it feels! 🙂 I don’t have any regrets though, do you? I mean, raising your kids you can only do once, but we can work whenever!


  4. I love your attitude! We are very much alike — I had to wait for my kids to grow up, too. I have always loved writing and art but have never really had a chance to explore and involve myself totally until the last few years. And I am on my way to check out your blog! I love it!

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  5. Hi! I see making art as breathing! I desperately need it! I don’t have to get rich selling it, but just being able to work on my artworks and business every day is fantastic. I had to wait until my boys were old enough to get some time to myself. That cost me some frustration, but I have now finally started! Loved your writing. Please check out my blog…. I am quite sure you will recognise yourself in my posts too! The written ones that is 😛. X


  6. You know, that’s what I miss, too. I’ve been scouring around for new recipes for my hubby and I to try, but it’s only the two of us. I miss the times we used to get together with friends and have themed dinners or hitting the local pizza place. And I understand and feel the same about you and writing. I’m not quite pumped up about writing something new, but I’m editing something I just finished, along with finding art for my Gallery blog. Maybe that’s where I got the idea for a physical craft. I will definitely take a picture when my Tears are perfected!

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  7. Your are exactly right, Miriam, creativity is best enjoyed when done for one’s self. Pure pleasure in doing it because we choose to do it. Otherwise it becomes work!
    Great Post!


  8. Your angel tears mobile art sounds fascinating. Why not post a picture of one for us to see? My “side creativity project” has everything to do with writing, not just on my blog, but cards to friends, messages or e-mails, WhatsApp connections, etc. Staying connected with family and friend during this COVID-19 pandemic is essential to my mental health. My other creative outlet is cooking. I sure miss being able to have friends over to share it with us!


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