Cleaning up to Gallery Perfection

Lately I have been going through my blogs over at my Sunday Evening Art Gallery, double checking links, adding more images, correcting picture spacing, turning it into the blog it’s SUPPOSED to be.

Funny how, at first, I was more anxious about getting the images up and running, not thinking through what I would want to see and experience if I were visiting for the first time.

I think we all are over anxious at one time or another.

I don’t have as many followers over there as I do here. I still start out sharing unique art as a Goddess thing. It’s only after a few months that I give the artists their own world, their own room,  so their creations can be slowly and thoughtfully and individually perused.

Quality should be in everything you do. When they say “quality over quantity” that is so true for so many things we do these days. The quality of one or two friends overrides mass popularity on Facebook or Twitter. The taste of homemade spaghetti sauce that has taken hours to prepare rocks over the $1.99 jar substitute.  Going to a live concert/sports game/class is far more rewarding than seeing the same on TV or the computer screen.

That’s why I want the images I share with you be clean, communicative, and organized. Just like you were strolling through a gallery in an art museum. The gallery should be dedicated to just one artist. No extraneous words or music; no distractions. Just a chance for you to take your time and really look at the creativity around you.

Here’s a few gems I have come across that I almost forgot about….



George Rodrigue























Nathan Sawaya



















Liu Bolin


















Stained Glass















I hope you take time to wander around a gallery or two. Follow if you’d like; just stop by if you don’t. It’s amazing how much unique art there is around the world. 

And I plan on discovering it all one gallery at a time.



13 thoughts on “Cleaning up to Gallery Perfection

  1. How wonderful! I should have listed the names of the places the stained glass came from. See? More improvements needed! I also know that one of the pictures — the one with the tall glass panels — is Saint Chapelle in Paris. I “visited” it in my latest book (via online).

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  2. I recognize that stained glass. It’s in the Music Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain… a room that has the most magnificent pipe organ imaginable! You pictures to accomplish your purpose: “clean, communicative, and organized.” Thank you!!

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  3. I feel the same about the Hoosier poet, James Whitcomb Riley. Very well known in his day and beyond. Today, not so much. But what delightful poems!

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  4. I enjoy the Sunday Evening Art Gallery. Thanks for your work! I link to it often. I’ll try to remember to do more. Thanks again!


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