I’m Finished!

After months of angst and woe and apprehension, I have finally finished my book.

It feels amazing.

I am a lame duck in the writing world. I have written many a novel, a short story, a poem. But I don’t toot my horn often and I haven’t been published, except for an article here and there a number of years ago.

Of course there is editing editing editing to do. But I have followed the road to its end.

I am of the strange sort that it doesn’t really matter if I get published or not. It’s the thrill of the chase that sustains me.

Surely you have had creative moments where all you want to do is — create. You have this nebulous or fairly detailed idea in your head of something you want to make. Pick an art. It doesn’t matter. We all start from a seed, and, if we’re lucky, it grows into a fine, tall, sturdy tree.

Sometimes the seed splits and doubles and all you have to show for your progress is a couple of bushy, out-of-control bursts of color.

Other times, though ….

I don’t know whether I’ll try to get this one published or not. There’s always an e-book or whatever if I just can’t stand not having the world hear about Paris.

But more importantly, I have a finished creative product in my hands.

Something that came completely from my head.

Something that turned this way and that until it became a beautiful vase on the potter’s wheel. A landscape painting of immeasurable beauty. A song that gives you goose bumps every time you hear it. A movie that makes your heart burst out of your chest because it’s so poignant.Β 

It’s like birthing a baby. You don’t know what it will become, but your life has become richer for it.

Keep your creativity going. Don’t stop. Not if you really want to feel free.



26 thoughts on “I’m Finished!

  1. Well done you! I think the best creativity comes when you just want to do it and not for monetary gain. It is so true, it is just like birthing a baby. xo


  2. It took me a long time to get here. I was tired of feeling defeated every time I sent out a query letter. Now I just write and polish and smile when I reread it. Maybe this time I’ll attempt further.

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  3. Big smile from me Claudia…. as I have followed your creative journey …congratulations!


  4. I love the fact that you can write and not worry abut whether it ever gets published or not. Just the joy of writing, the thrill of bringing a project to completion, the feeling of creative juices flowing… that is enough. How wonderful! ❀


  5. Congratulation Claudia….. what a wonderful achievement….”Well Done” …I’ve attached a song ..to celebrate with… it’s a magical piece…. like your…
    Staring Elf
    Blue Night Over The Sky
    Blue Night Over Me
    Dis-Appeared Out Of The Window
    Me With Hands
    Hidden Under My Cheek
    I Think About My Day
    Today And Yesterday
    I Put On My Blue Nighties
    Go Straight To Bed
    I Pull The Soft Covers Over
    Close My Eyes
    I Hide My Head Under The Covers
    A Little Elf Stares At Me
    Runs Towards Me But Doesn’t Move
    From Place – Himself
    A Staring Elf
    I Open My Eyes
    Take The Crusts Out
    Stretch Myself And Check (If I Haven’t)
    Returned Again And Everything Is Okay
    Still There Is Something Missing
    Like All The Walls


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